Hi, I'm Kijoon Shin. I am a game designer and 3D artist with a focus on building environment art for games. My goal is to create navigable spaces that can tell stories through design, details, and atmosphere. I also enjoy designing games, from laying down the gameplay foundations to working out the actual systems and logic with which the game will operate. I attended University of California, Irvine for two years pursuing a major in Information and Computer Science before I decided to switch to art. I then spent a year helping my father's project at NeoExperience, assisting with various tasks and giving viewer feedback to the visual music project he was developing. After a number of years re-capturing my artistic skill and sense, I was admitted to Otis College of Art and Design as a Digital Media major. I graduated from the school on May 2016 as an honors student with a Bachelors in Fine Art. I am currently working as a freelance 3D environment modeler at VR Sports.